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WALL PANELS [Moss green 54]

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Today, more and more people are going Green & Eco-Friendly.Scandia Moss is a moss Brand Processed with our Eco-Friendly Technology in order to bring a Natural moss from the Northern Arctic area with clean air and water into our Indoor life. 

Scandia Moss Maintenance Free, Watering not required.No Trimming, and No Sunlight Required.It is minimum 30% Humidity enough for which is the same range you need for your Well-Being. Naturally Hydroscopic, Scandia Moss absorbs and expels moisture from the surrounding environment. 


Tile/ Wall Panel


Our patent pending SM Panels offer you endless possibilities in creating the interior design you have always wanted. 

With ease of installation and zero maintenance, the limit of your personal wall art has no boundaries. 

Scandia Moss Cork base SM Panel offers easy access on curved surface and easy to cut any shape that you want. It has flexibility which are easy to show you any design that you want.


Scandia Moss Cork base SM Panel can be custom made for any shape and size.

The aluminum and cork of SM Panel base are ready to be implemented where you want to use.  A mesh layer is used in conjunction with adhesive to provide a secure adhesion between the base plate and Scandia Moss Cladonia Stellaris

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